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For purposes of the PRA Policy Statement, a financial arrangement is considered to include securities contracts (including repo and reverse repo transactions), physical commodities contracts and any kind of derivatives contract.
A six-month Texas Tribune/Austin American-Statesman investigation reveals a chummy and unusual financial arrangement between Texas Mutual Insurance and the Travis County district attorney's office.
Their decree absolute will come through once they agree custody of their two-month-old daughter Mia and come to a financial arrangement.
It was the final obstacle to clear before announcing the hiring, because Floyd also worked out a financial arrangement with the Hornets, who owed him $1.
However, a financial arrangement that purportedly requires repayment may actually serve to compensate the recipient in advance for services, goods or both.
According to Del Commercial Properties, the financial arrangement was not solely to avoid U.
It appears it was a robbery, that the suspect and the victim knew each other, and there was a dispute over a previous financial arrangement,'' homicide Detective Eddie Brown said.
The final regulations provide that the issuance of a note, other debt instrument, option or other similar financial arrangement, directly or indirectly, in satisfaction of an annual payment obligation, does not meet Sec.
provides that "[i]ssuance of a note, other debt instrument, option or similar financial arrangement in satisfaction of the annuity does not constitute payment of the annuity amount.
As part of Gibbons' recent Price Waterhouse experience, he led the team that was engaged by Chambers' major lenders to review the company's financial condition and business plans in conjunction with the lenders working out a new long-term financial arrangement.
Chaleff had to recuse himself Tuesday from approving a nighttime construction permit for the downtown sports arena because his law firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, was hired by the city to negotiate the financial arrangement that allowed the arena developers to build the facility.
No equity securities, options or warrants were provided by the company in connection with its obtaining of this financial arrangement.

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