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Dau's remarks were quickly confirmed by the Sudanese minister of petroleum, Mohammed Zayed Awad, saying they "have agreed in principle" to reduce the monthly payments for transitional financial arrangement and extend period for payment.
The financial arrangements for the EU's 5 billion economic recovery plan have yet to be agreed.
Malaysia agreed to the IMF linkage on the condition of establishing a study group to examine the types of monitoring and surveillance systems, which is necessary for the BSA (under the Chiang Mai Initiative) as an independent regional financial arrangement. At the fifth ASEAN finance ministers' meeting in April 2001 in Kuala Lumpur, the participating countries agreed to review the issues of the IMF linkage with the BSAs in three years.
In order to match such a financial arrangement, officers eligible for the plan would need to secure a retirement position that pays 100 percent of their final salary in order for the position to be as economically attractive.
A six-month Texas Tribune/Austin American-Statesman investigation reveals a chummy and unusual financial arrangement between Texas Mutual Insurance and the Travis County district attorney's office.
The new financial arrangement will ensure the historic community venue stays open, until at least July.
A THIS is a financial arrangement that is designed to limit your contribution to any care fees you may need in future.
According to the project's current financial arrangement, the city has agreed to pay for the extension by redirecting real estate taxes from the far West Side to service the project's bonds, which were just given A and A- ratings by Standard & Poor's and Fitch respectively.
A 'living together agreement' is a financial arrangement that cohabitants can reach before living together.
A monthly financial arrangement called The Denplan Care Programme guarantees that patients can afford the most sophisticated of treatments without worrying about the cost.
Their decree absolute will come through once they agree custody of their two-month-old daughter Mia and come to a financial arrangement.

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