financial backer

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CATRIONA MATTHEW became the first Scot to win a women's major when she was crowned British Open champion at Royal Lytham 10 months ago - yet the North Berwick golfer has failed to attract a financial backer.
SFA chief executive Gordon Smith yesterday revealed there were some eye-catching names among the applicants to replace the sacked George Burley, but he will concentrate on compiling a shortlist before deciding whether a similar financial backer is needed.
The German firm teamed up with a financial backer in the hope of drawing up an alternative to WPP's hostile offer to TNS shareholders.
Langston Corporation, a company claiming to be the club's principal financial backer, have initiated legal action against the Bluebirds, accusing their board of mismanaging the club's accounts.
he met Ken Kahn of LRP Publications, who was looking for new ventures and offered to be a financial backer if David gave him a business plan he liked.
It seems that family films have now found a major financial backer.
Ahmanson for many years was a chief financial backer of the Chalcedon Institute, a Christian Reconstructionist group in Vallecito, Calif.
The president and CEO of Forest City Ratner has been at the center of controversy lately over his inability to land an anchor tenant for the property or a financial backer.
Its spokesman Vidar Fossdal said: "I had a substantial financial backer but he has withdrawn, unfortunately.
James Gordon Bennett, owner of the New York Herald, was the promoter and financial backer of the trip.
Coinciding with the release of this CD is the autobiography of Paradise Garage financial backer (and West End Records founder) Mel Cheren, Keep on Dancin': My Life and the Paradise Garage (as told to Advocate columnist Gabriel Rotello, with assistance from Brent Nicholson Earle).

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