financial backing

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MOVING CLOSER: Financial backing means that this artist's impression of how the college will look once it has been completed, has moved a step closer to becoming a reality; IN THE PIPELINE: Left is a previous Evening Gazette story about the plan
All of your ideas sound as if they need some financial backing. Without being totally focused you will find it difficult to get others interested in projects and persuade them to back you.
The financial backing is expected to pave the way for the airline to sell a stake to a group of European investors, reported Reuters.
Ms Swambo said, 'First Welsh gave me the incentive to save and it gave me peace of mind that I will never be in the position of having no financial backing again.
Patrick Cryne, iSoft's chief executive, said: 'As the size and volume of deals within our markets accelerate, we believe our customers will be increasingly reassured to be dealing with a company that has real critical mass and significant financial backing.
Despite huge financial backing from new record company Def Jam, the album has failed to make the UK Top 50.
With BISA's financial backing, Caro Cuore is now gazing at Europe.
The meeting has already received plenty of sponsorship support, with Tom Judge of `Broadlands' fame, John Ward, the stadium bookmakers and Coral all pledging financial backing.
AIDS vaccine researchers have met one disappointment after the next, both in terms of scientific advances and financial backing. Part of the problem, researchers and advocates say, is that drug companies see vaccine research as high-risk, requiring a lot of money and promising little monetary return.
But leaders are struggling to find financial backing.
Kenning added he was "disappointed" that a plea for financial backing from the town's business leaders had gone largely unheeded.
The competition comes at a time of unprecedented governmental financial backing, corporate support, and popular acclaim for ballet in China.

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