financial backing

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The New York Post's report that Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Ron Burkle have lost the financial backing of Fortress Investment Group is patently false.
We look forward to offering the company our financial backing and consumer products experience to further accelerate its growth," said Golden Gate Capital Managing Director Prescott Ashe.
She is not beholden to special interests, as her financial backing indicates, does not have a covert plan of operations and is not a knee-jerk reactive person.
With the financial backing of international private equity investors Warburg Pincus and Blackstone Capital Partners, the company possesses significant financial and operational capability to generate and participate in multiple high-impact upstream projects.
Its experimental AIDS drug, Immupath, showed promise but could not get financial backing for its development, the company said.
This seasoned team and strong financial backing gives NEPS a significantly more competitive position in the marketplace, and as a result, we are already seeing positive impact in customer engagements and incremental revenue.
The firm has financial backing from industry leaders including American Century, Crimson Ventures, epartners, Fidelity Ventures, Instinet Corporation, Novell, Park Avenue Equity Capital Partners, LP, Scudder Kemper, Texas Pacific Group, and W Capital Partners.
The news was recently announced that the mining and smelting company is going to up its financial backing of the ice hockey team for the 2006/2007 season.
We are extremely pleased to have the solid financial backing of a partner such as Hercules Technology Growth Capital.
The South Florida Community Leadership Foundation (SFCLF) today announced that it has gained significant momentum, financial backing and leadership to drive its mission of enriching the teaching and learning environment in South Florida schools.
in the next stage of its development to raise financial backing and top of class administrative assignment.
We are extremely pleased to provide financial backing and support for a company with such an impressive track-record of success," said Tom Arnold of Blackacre.

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