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Brookfield has agreed to purchase BofA/Merrill's 49% interest in Fear World Financial Center and now owns 100% of the 1.
The task we set is to become one of the 10 major Asian financial centers," he added.
Initially it had been feared that Merrill might move almost all of its facilities in World Financial Center to midtown.
Morgan, said in meeting London and New York were the world s most important financial centers, but that Istanbul was a promising location.
one of the country's largest independent broker-dealers, has signed a new 82,000 s/f lease at One World Financial Center.
Opening of Safeer Mall Financial Center is in line with our goal to serve our valued clients in the most convenient and efficient manner.
Long an economical location for firms seeking respite from Manhattan's rents and a popular market for tenants seeking space to house back office functions, Harborside Financial Center has nonetheless been able to command higher rents according to Hersh, a reflection of what he described was a change in tenants' perception of the market.
Other highlights include Deutsche Bank, a financial service provider, extendeding its lease for 90,000 s/f at Harborside Financial Center Plaza 1 in Jersey City.
We are pleased to announce the availability of this outstanding waterfront space at Harborside Financial Center, Plaza 3," said Stanton.
With American Express expanding, the World Financial Center is reaffirmed as Lower Manhattan's premiere business address.

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