financial disaster

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ATHENS, Greece, Sha'ban 16, 1436, Jun 3, 2015, SPA -- Greece's prime minister was heading to high-level meetings in Brussels on Wednesday to try to persuade the country's creditors to accept a proposal that might unlock much-delayed bailout loans and save the country from financial disaster, AP reported.
A year ago, Wanderers were 90 minutes from dropping out of the Football League and financial disaster.
AW of Gosforth is wrong to suggest that the last Labour government is being blamed for the global financial disaster.
They demanded of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take notice of the matter and ensure payment of their salary to them to save their families from financial disaster.
Emerge180 partners with small and medium-sized companies for debt turnaround when financial disaster looms.
Cook pointed that Motorola unit was a financial disaster for Google, adding that it is hard to do hardware, software and services and link them together, something that he said Apple is the leader in.
But with a third of the population not having any money put away, researchers say this could see a significant number of people on the breadline in the event of a financial disaster.
Fresh financial disaster is looming as the Troika -- the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund trio that bailed out Greece and other economically devastated countries -- (http://www.
ON average, British families have only 19 days before the money runs out if their main breadwinner can't work due to long-term sickness, injury, critical illness or death, according to Legal & General's first 'Deadline to the Breadline' report John Pollock, Legal & General group executive director, says: "The aim of our report is to shed a light on the financial health of the average British household and to stimulate debate in the industry about what we can do to help consumers better understand the dangers of failing to protect themselves against financial disaster.
Referring to the letter 'Life savings gone as dream home is dust (May 15) - another story of financial disaster and lack of regulation, with which we are now all familiar.
He quit the former chart-toppers in 2008 as the group faced financial disaster, despite selling an astonishing 70 million records worldwide.
An admitted lack of personal finance skills coupled with increased spending is a recipe for financial disaster," said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the NFCC.

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