financial disaster

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This has been a financial disaster for the hospitals involved but it would not suit his argument to mention these, would it?
He was a politician to his fingertips and l agree that, along with others, he saved this country from financial disaster.
The study estimated that each year, the direct costs of surgery will push about 30 million people into financial disaster and 11 million people into poverty.
In turn, State Minister, Nabil Du Freige, warned from an eventual financial disaster if big economic and financial decisions are not made soon.
But his emerging career then took a U-turn with 1980's Heaven's Gate, a Western that was a critical and financial disaster.
Despite the ACA's successes, more needs to be done to protect the most vulnerable and ensure that getting sick doesn't create a financial disaster for families.
I'm so sorry the banks brought about the financial disaster they did.
ATHENS, Greece, Sha'ban 16, 1436, Jun 3, 2015, SPA -- Greece's prime minister was heading to high-level meetings in Brussels on Wednesday to try to persuade the country's creditors to accept a proposal that might unlock much-delayed bailout loans and save the country from financial disaster, AP reported.
A year ago, Wanderers were 90 minutes from dropping out of the Football League and financial disaster.
AW of Gosforth is wrong to suggest that the last Labour government is being blamed for the global financial disaster.
They demanded of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take notice of the matter and ensure payment of their salary to them to save their families from financial disaster.
Cook pointed that Motorola unit was a financial disaster for Google, adding that it is hard to do hardware, software and services and link them together, something that he said Apple is the leader in.

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