financial failure

See: bankruptcy
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Except that every time Dickens threatens to crack his writers block, someone interrupts: his extremely patient wife Catherine (Morfydd Clark), his financial failure father John (Jonathan Pryce) or his friend and unofficial literary agent John Forster (Justin Edwards).
The opera was a financial failure though an artistic triumph.
Carefully analyzing this situation, it is clear that it hardly was the only reason that caused financial failure, so the main problem is buried in the times when company had to go through court hearings that exhausted, bankrupted and ruined its reputation.
In order to avoid the negative effects of financial failure in the crisis periods, the causes of financial failure in the inner and outer business should be carefully monitored and necessary precautions related to them be taken.
The financial failure of his vision became clear earlier this year and Kushner was ousted from the company.
Bankruptcy: Dealing With Financial Failure for Individuals and Business, 4th Edition
They see the people and the institutions who caused the banking crisis in the first place being rewarded for financial failure.
Maja Tomikj in Utrinski vesnik comments that around 70 percent of the companies pay salaries of 200 euros and it seems surreal to explain the employers that the regress payment for an annual leave is the reason for their financial failure.
But to get private consortia to build this, the financial rule book for trusts was re-written so that financial failure in private finance initiatives would be less likely to show up.
Members of the International Air Transport Association (Iata) have reached an agreement to cover the repatriation of passengers flying to, from and within Europe unable to return home due to an airline ceasing operations as a result of financial failure.
There are various financial failure prediction models in the related literature.
But even if PonoMusic is a financial failure, the effort is a big win if consumers realize there's a choice in quality, Young said.

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