financial failure

See: bankruptcy
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The financial failure of his vision became clear earlier this year and Kushner was ousted from the company.
Each of the UK's central and devolved administrations need to be clear on the risk of financial failure in the public sector and plan for intervention.
The opera was a financial failure though an artistic triumph.
An effective resolution framework should contain safety net arrangements to protect the most vulnerable citizens from severe hardship as a result of a financial failure.
They see the people and the institutions who caused the banking crisis in the first place being rewarded for financial failure.
Maja Tomikj in Utrinski vesnik comments that around 70 percent of the companies pay salaries of 200 euros and it seems surreal to explain the employers that the regress payment for an annual leave is the reason for their financial failure.
But to get private consortia to build this, the financial rule book for trusts was re-written so that financial failure in private finance initiatives would be less likely to show up.
So any rabbits conjured on Wednesday from Osborne's hat will reek of the myxomatosis of political and financial failure Every announcement will stink of desperation as Osborne spins for his life.
There are various financial failure prediction models in the related literature.
The '80s brought a spate of personal tragedies, including the death of his beloved sister, drug addiction and financial failure.
If they speak to us early, more options will remain available for support and recovery to help turn their business around and avoid the adverse consequences of financial failure.
Financial failure would be a tragedy for the people of Cambodia, who have waited so long for justice.

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