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A comprehensive financial forecast or projection includes the following documents, broken out on a monthly basis:
While CPAs may not be able to predict the weather, they can prepare useful financial forecasts and projections.
This new pronouncement describes the purpose of the term reasonably objective basis and provides guidance on factors that should be considered in evaluating whether such a basis exists to present a financial forecast.
900 of the Guide allows the accountant to compile, examine, apply agreed-upon procedures, or perform any of a spectrum of services on a financial forecast or projection that will be restricted to internal use.
72, THE ASB expanded the items CPAs are permitted to address in comfort letters to include financial forecasts and compliance of certain information (such as selected financial data, supplementary financial information, executive compensation and ratios of earnings to fixed charges) with Securities and Exchange Commission regulation S-K.
Forecast5 was founded on the concept of providing schools, cities, and county governments the tools that they need to build meaningful and accurate five-year financial forecasts," stated Mike English, CEO and president of Forecast5.
These companies have integrated the PeopleSoft AREF solution with their existing PeopleSoft Real Estate Management and Financial Management solutions to provide a comprehensive view of their financial forecasts.
A California appellate court ruled that an accounting firm can be sued by third-party investors based on the firm's work in reviewing financial forecasts in conjunction with a private offering of limited partnership interests.
PKF's report also stressed the uncertainty of the financial forecasts in the memorandums, the difficulty of projecting profitability in a venture lacking sufficient operating history and the potentially negative effect of forces beyond the managing partner's control--such as changes in the tax law or government regulations.
Since there is no guidance in the SSARS literature about the issuance of draft financial statements, ARSC will develop an interpretation that will parallel the guidance in footnote 4 of the Guide for Prospective Financial Statements, which was prepared by the AICPA financial forecasts and projections task force and issued in 1986.

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