financial ruin

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FREDDIE Starr is facing financial ruin after a judge ruled he groped and humiliated a 15-yearold girl in the 70s.
Speaking to the Guardian, he said: "I feel my life is on hold and I'm facing financial ruin - for something I was not responsible for.
Gordon Ramsay is bouncing back from the brink of financial ruin and seeing his wealth rise like one of his expensive pastries.
A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) discovered nine out of 10 chief executives and leaders believe councils are facing financial ruin.
As the "Good" school is facing financial ruin, we are not shocked at all to find out our deposit is being kept.
CYPRUS: Banks will remain closed as officials try to find a new plan to stave off financial ruin.
ROBERTO MARTINEZ vows that Wigan Athletic will never go down the road to financial ruin in a bid to stay up.
People must avoid using these loan sharks as in some extreme cases they've been known to charge extortionate rates of interest and they feel no guilt about their immoral dealings even when it can lead to a life of financial ruin for some families.
It felt like a gallop to tie up the loose ends and deal with homophobia, infertility, financial ruin, prostitution, the Irish situation and the problems of dallying with married men.
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Channel 4, tonight, 10pm) A likeable everyman on the brink of financial ruin is about to lose his beloved gymnasium and arch-rival will become the new boss.
As they most certainly are not insured, if they run into a pedestrian they don't understand not only could they seriously injury themselves the consequences could be them being jailed and/or financial ruin.
TROUBLED North East care business Southern Cross has revealed plans to axe 3,000 jobs as it battles to stave off financial ruin.

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