financial ruin

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THE husband of the UK's first TV ad model was yesterday jailed for eight years after he tried to kill her when his failing business left the couple facing financial ruin.
And it shows Scotland's top league is on the brink of financial ruin because of a huge rise in players' wages.
The words chosen were unfortunate, but what he was trying to say was that legislation has swung so far that employing a woman who claims maternity benefit can mean financial ruin for many small employers.
THE producer and manager of 80s band a-ha terrorised his common-law wife during a drunken spree triggered by his financial ruin, a court heard yesterday.
I quite understand their upset because many are facing financial ruin, " he said.
CHAIRMAN David Gold has warned that he will not risk leading Birmingham City into financial ruin in their bid to survive in the Barclaycard Premiership.
Better that than the club spending beyond Lerner's means and heading for financial ruin as so many others have done.
Instead of alleviating people's money worries this card will only make things much, much worse in the long term and result in hundreds of families facing financial ruin. The sooner the Government does something about capping greedy interest rates like this, the better.
They will discuss the possibility of capping the wages of Europe's highest-earning footballers - some of whom pocket pounds 100,000 a week - to help clubs stave off financial ruin.
Since a shortfall in the ASW pension fund left its ex-workers facing financial ruin after the company collapsed, their Echo-backed campaign has forced the Government to introduce new legislation to ensure such scandals never happen again.
THE pilot who crashed into Italy's tallest building was a former smuggler facing financial ruin and may have committed suicide.
Cabbies say the plan leaves them facing financial ruin and more than 200 of them staged a "goslow" protest through rush-hour traffic in Birkenhead when the decision was announced.

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