financial straits

See: privation
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and inasmuch as I could see that he wished me well, I told him all-- or, rather, I did not tell him EVERYTHING, for that I do to no man (I have not the heart to do it); I told him just a few scattered details concerning my financial straits.
It is only reasonable and humane that those who risk their lives to carry out a task that comprises a fundamental right for citizens the right to information should know that were a misfortune to befall them, their families will not be left in dire financial straits.
The judge, Jos Antonio Fust of the United States District Court in Puerto Rico, acknowledged that Puerto Rico was in dire financial straits but said the crisis was not an excuse "to take revenue that it's not entitled to, to pay for essential services.
In many cases this leaves people in dire financial straits because they were locked into loans with very high interest rates with no hope of paying it back.
He said the work force that was recruited for the program was also in financial straits due to stoppage of the program.
THE NHS is in desperate financial straits but it should not be raising funds by making money from disabled patients.
The car salesman invented sob stories when asked to repay the women and left them in "desperate" financial straits.
As a faithful Christian, Wagasky also touches upon the importance of making time for God no matter how dire one's financial straits may seem, but Living a Beautiful Life On Less is thoroughly accessible to readers of all religious backgrounds.
12A, 107 mins) Johnny Depp proudly combs his moustache and adopts a velvety British accent as art dealer Charlie Mortdecai, who is in dire financial straits.
Pannu has hit the headlines this week following a remarkable outburst to fan blogger Daniel Ivery, in which claimed Blues were in dire financial straits.
35pm Two bored bankers amuse themselves by playing high stakes hide-and-seek with people in financial straits.
In these dire financial straits that we are in today, no councillor should claim any extras at all.

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