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Two year experience of any two financial years out of 7 years at least 50% of estimated cost of the Tender in each financial vear.
4 per cent lower on gross domestic basis compared to the current financial year whose expenditure to GDP is at 26.
Revenue for the financial year increased to $14,660,329 from $7,969,480 in the 2006 financial year, which represents a 84% increase.
The annual average volume of incoming orders has now grown consistently for three financial years in a row.
the technical eligibility criteria of having under taken at least one similar work of minimum value of 35% of advertised tender value in last three financial years may be dispensed with in cases of bidders who are either oem or source approved by rdso for related works contract.
5 million during financial years of 2002 to financial year 2007," elaborates Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sindhu Nair.
Pre-Qualification: (a) (a) the tenderer should have completed in the last three financial years (i.

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