financially sound

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The new approach screens out financially sound companies and small plans with less than 100 people-which adds up to 92% of businesses that sponsor plans excluded from the agency's enforcement efforts.
I am very happy, it is both love and arranged marriage," he told reporters, adding: "I have become financially sound, that's why I am marrying now.
Key issues facing the agency are the cleanup of perchlorate contamination in local groundwater, securing reliable supplies of water and remaining financially sound, Pecsi said.
For an investor, purchasing the leasehold interest in 40 Gansevoort Street, pre-leased to a financially sound tenant, in a location where retail rents average in the $150 per square foot range and office rents approximate $40 per square foot, represents a rare opportunity to buy into a mixed-use new building, with tremendous upside potential," said Mr.
Our continued product innovation, significant market traction and strong financial position complemented by our recent funding, provides customers with a compelling value proposition of market-leading solutions from a market-proven and financially sound vendor.
Overall, there is every indication that Fannie is financially sound and well-managed," says MBA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve O'Connor.
AUDIENCE: Financially sound large producers; 40,000 people within the local and regional cooperative system; diverse agricultural enterprises.
OTTAWA -- The Canada Pension Plan is financially sound and is on track to provide retirement pensions in the future, federal and provincial ministers of finance announced following the conclusion of their financial review of the CPP.
However, thorough cost-benefit analysis may show that outsourcing is not financially sound for every company.
Under the bill, individual health plans that get into financial trouble--say, by offering overly generous benefits--could stave off cash shortages by rationing care or by borrowing from the state, which would raise the money by taxing financially sound plans within the same regional health alliance.
Huron provides services to a wide variety of both financially sound and distressed organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses, leading academic institutions, healthcare organizations, and the law firms that represent these various organizations.
In just a few years, Young created a financially sound, thriving campus that was tied into the community with farmers markets and other programs.