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Fast-disbursing Development Policy Loans, providing critical balance-of-payments support amid financing gaps, comprised nearly 47 per cent of the overall total for FY10.
This trend is creating a financing gap for early-stage companies.
The additional loan will help finance the costs associated with a financing gap for ongoing activities as well as to scale up activities.
He concluded by noting to the urgent need to concertize the efforts of international community to prop up the Yemeni economy via the donors' conference to be held in Riyadh (27 -29 June) which aims to meet the aspirations of the Yemenis and their pressing needs to secure the political and economic stability and to support the financing gap for the urgent projects approved by the government of no less than 7 billion.
Project Description : In the proposed transaction, IDB will partner with Banco BAC San Jose to address the financing gap in women-led SMEs in Costa Rica; specifically by supporting the expansion of the bank's SME portfolio.
The additional financing (19 mil USD equivalent) is aiming to (i) address the financing gap identified for finalization of one of the sub-components of the parent project, i.
It is believed that the exchange would help the government to close a financing gap that it says has swollen to ARS47.
Most decisions the financial manager will make are short-term in nature for example, organizing a 90-day bank loan to plug a financing gap.
3 million associated with: a scaling up (EUR5 million) and financing gap coverage (EUR35.
With tuition at colleges and universities on the rise, our goal is that this new agreement will help to fill the financing gap many students are facing.
On the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, IFC Executive Vice President and CEO Jin-Yong Cai said, It is estimated that even before the Ebola crisis began, SMEs in Guinea faced a $900 million financing gap, with only six per cent of firms able to access the credit they need.