find against

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MGAE looks forward to justice finally being served, and to having a second jury find against Mattel on these issues.
Some of the space Manning did find against the Patriots' defense, though, still involved the position as Jacob Tamme caught a team-high five passes (he had only 20 on the season), including his only touchdown on the year, for 47 yards.
Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising" seeks to grant greater insight into the history of this tale of resistance, as many poor and downtrodden Poles and Jews rose up armed with whatever they could find against the force of Nazi Germany.
Given readily acknowledges that leaves the Elite Club ownedand-bred colt with plenty to find against the top two in the market, but he will not be found wanting for courage.
Should the hearing find against him, however, Higgins would face a long ban from the sport, although a lifetime ban appears unlikely, on the basis of recent remarks from Hearn.
Retired Durham Police Detective Chief Superintendent David Grey was accused of refusing to find against the "hand that was feeding him", when he was called in by Durham County Council in 2007 to investigate Christina Blythe.
In the end the ethics commissioner decided to find against MacKay and issued him a token fine as a result.
A jury took just 30 minutes to find against first-offender Chalmers, a Cam-buslang College student, after a two-day trial.
Our brief urges the court to find against him," says Julie Underwood, general counsel for NSBA, "because we think there are lots of other ways he could have gone about seeking a review of the school district's decision.
In particular, the central Americans want Geneva to find against the bond system imposed on cigarette imports by the Dominicans and also what Honduras views as discriminatory treatment for importers regarding the payment of a 'selective consumption tax'.