find fault

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5 INSURANCE GROUP: 11 CO2 EMISSIONS: 150g/km BIK RATING: 15% WARRANTY: 3 years/60,000 milesI spent quite a while trying to find fault " with the 407 and the harder I looked the more apparent it became that this car is the complete package
And while his Teesside roots have grown since then, so has his Eston allotment, to the extent where judges of Redcar and Cleveland Council's annual allotment contest could not find fault.
Meanwhile, this large corporation has probably wasted US$30 to US$50 million in energy costs in the last six months alone, while this corporate group spends its time trying to find fault with a proven technology they have not used before.
Ferrer is not one to be trusted with the mortgage, but it is hard to find fault with his efforts in Germany this week.
At a mere pounds 23,000-plus, the Audi A4 Sport has to be something a little bit special and despite searching for a reason to find fault I drew a blank.
It is unusual for me to find fault with the logic of Cathy Young ("Bipartisan Coulterism," October), but for her to use the much criticized (by conservatives) Ann Coulter as a representative of conservatism while underplaying the influence of Michael Moore, who was given an Oscar for his phony documentary Bowling for Columbine and received no criticism from liberals for his contemptuous acceptance speech, is absurd.
Being a "good" Humanist, I was fully prepared to find fault with this document.
Of course, one may find fault with scattered things, from various inequalities of coverage (perhaps unavoidable, given the scope here) to the nomenclature of the Oxford Shakespeare (All is True, Innogen, etc.
Why should Peter Gilmour in his September Odds & Ends column ("One world, under God") find fault with those words "one nation, under God" that are part of the Pledge of Allegiance?
Maybe Richard doesn't want a relationship with a load of old baggage," said Molly, and while I can't find fault with that description of Gail, I think perhaps a little more tact was required.
I should, though; for there are always those who find fault.
Critics, many of whom are still trying to find fault in her debut novel, would disagree.