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James Warren's determination to find fault with The Republican Noise Machine by David Brock has forced him to present arguments that are either specious or irrelevant ("What Ailes Us," September).
Meanwhile, this large corporation has probably wasted US$30 to US$50 million in energy costs in the last six months alone, while this corporate group spends its time trying to find fault with a proven technology they have not used before.
Ferrer is not one to be trusted with the mortgage, but it is hard to find fault with his efforts in Germany this week.
It is unusual for me to find fault with the logic of Cathy Young ("Bipartisan Coulterism," October), but for her to use the much criticized (by conservatives) Ann Coulter as a representative of conservatism while underplaying the influence of Michael Moore, who was given an Oscar for his phony documentary Bowling for Columbine and received no criticism from liberals for his contemptuous acceptance speech, is absurd.
Being a "good" Humanist, I was fully prepared to find fault with this document.
Of course, one may find fault with scattered things, from various inequalities of coverage (perhaps unavoidable, given the scope here) to the nomenclature of the Oxford Shakespeare (All is True, Innogen, etc.
IRON LADY: If the Duke of York is trying to find fault with his wife's game as they play golf on honeymoon, he'd be hard putt BON VOYAGE: The Prince of Wales kisses the duchess farewell aboard The Renown POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE: Queen Elizabeth with Princesses Elizabeth, centre, and Margaret at the Coronation of George VI I SAID .
In particular they find fault with the conclusion about higher death rates, because priests fall into a group--U.
Few conversant with the history of ancient Israel or with the Pentateuch would find fault with Carmichael's assertion that many of the rules of Leviticus 18-20 concern the preservation, if not the creation, of ethnic identity, and that this concern "may point to the lawgiver's own social reality" as a member of a distinct, displaced minority living in a foreign land.
One can continue to find fault with the hanging policy of the NPG as well as lament the gaps in its collection.
It did, however, find fault with the transaction itself because the ESOP's fiduciaries did not take into account the "cash drain" from anticipated future contributions to the ESOP to repay the ESOP loan and the company's guarantee of that loan.
Owners must realize that with the plethora of space available it is critical to act before tenants can find another deal or find fault with yours.