find flaws

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The leak opens up a path for hackers, jailbreakers and security researchers to find flaws in iOS, making it easier to jailbreak iPhones.
One of PWC's roles, as well as ensuring impartiality, is to ensure that as far as possible potential critics of the survey will not be able to find flaws.
I'm a perfectionist, I always find flaws, but today was as close to a flawless round that I'm going to play," he said of five birdies on his front and three on the return after opening with a bogey.
Uber has placed a deadline of 90 days post May 1 for "security researchers" to comb through and find flaws in its system.
When they knew that the incumbent president was firm and steadfast on this venture, they started another campaign, trying to find flaws and gaps in the to-be amendment and were very vociferous in their hairsplitting and presenting their objections and dissent, which were of insignificant importance.
Otherwise I sometimes find flaws are charming and add to the personality and tone of the film.
Karachi: Pakistan head coach Waqar Younis believes Australia's 153-run defeat in a warm-up game has helped him find flaws in the opposition for the first Test starting on Wednesday in Dubai.
Even as detractors still try and find flaws in the way Srinivasan governs the sport in India, his rise to the new post in the ICC is a clear sign of how he handles challenges.
But it must not be politicized by certain actors, looking to find flaws in anything the kingdom can do.
The RedSeal Platform allows customers to have end-to-end network and security modeling, analytics that identify and prioritize security control gaps that lead to breaches, interactive graphical visualizations that present the highest priority gaps, zone policy diagrams that visually summarize differences between as-built access and intended access between security zones, and proactive protection in alerting customers before hackers find flaws in their security controls.
Ray is cut off from all his staff and must find flaws in his own theories to break out of the prison.