find flaws

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People had expectations of me, probably that is the reason why they used to find flaws in my game," she added.
Unlike other tech companies, Apple offered the bounty amount only to invited researchers who tried to find flaws in its phones and cloud backups.
This was the old practice of PML-N to find flaws from every constructive step taken by PTI, he replied to another question.
"Watching myself back at times I find flaws that I know I can do a lot better with.
Readers with expertise in maritime and naval history will quickly find flaws in the work.
The leak opens up a path for hackers, jailbreakers and security researchers to find flaws in iOS, making it easier to jailbreak iPhones.
"I'm a perfectionist, I always find flaws, but today was as close to a flawless round that I'm going to play," he said of five birdies on his front and three on the return after opening with a bogey.
When they knew that the incumbent president was firm and steadfast on this venture, they started another campaign, trying to find flaws and gaps in the to-be amendment and were very vociferous in their hairsplitting and presenting their objections and dissent, which were of insignificant importance.
Otherwise I sometimes find flaws are charming and add to the personality and tone of the film."
Karachi: Pakistan head coach Waqar Younis believes Australia's 153-run defeat in a warm-up game has helped him find flaws in the opposition for the first Test starting on Wednesday in Dubai.
But it must not be politicized by certain actors, looking to find flaws in anything the kingdom can do.