find freedom

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Find freedom from your own passions by sacrificing them to duty, freedom from the tyranny of mankind by pointing to the sword or the poison which will put you beyond their reach, freedom from the bondage of fate by determining the point beyond which you will endure it no longer, freedom from physical fear by learning how to subdue the gross instinct which causes so many wretches to cling to life.
Only on the waves of Gaza's beach do they find freedom, hope and meaning in their lives.
The early settlers came to America as they followed their heartsE desires to find freedom for their religious beliefs.
Anyone can recover from the chains of addiction and find freedom with the help of "Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous".
Caregivers by day, performers by night-five transgender overseas Filipino workers in Israel struggle to make ends meet, and find freedom and acceptance in a foreign land.
Maria escapes her small town to find freedom in Mexico City in telenovela Simply Mary.
The diverse lives of ten women, each facing their own difficulties--such as a mother who has lost her son to suicide or a young woman who leaves her small village to find freedom in the big city--form this collection of short stories.
The migrants were escaping from a desperate situation, they were trying to find freedom and a better life," Bishop Grech said, according to the Malta Independent newspaper.
In a combination of spiritual and psychological guide, The Untethered Soul discusses what happens when one 'lets go' spiritually to find freedom from angst and negativity.
Anna must discover the whole truth about her past before she can move forward and find freedom, and perhaps love, in her future.
The book details systematic, proven tools, with easy to understand step by step instruction for embracing in everyday life to find freedom from mental strongholds, negative emotions, and deliverance from spiritual bondage.
PAUL McCartney has told how moving to a Scots hideaway helped him find freedom after The Beatles split up.