find hard to believe

See: doubt
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"When I finished playing there was maybe a chance to go and playing overseas, but really, I wanted a break from the game and I know a lot of people find hard to believe. I didn't really know at that point what I was looking for, but this job these last two years has got me closer to game.
All this from a supposed vicar's daughter I find hard to believe.
"In the early days I always asked for feedback and I got told I sat on the fence, which you might find hard to believe!
ANOTHER theory, which I find hard to believe, is that the incident was orchestrated by the great brains at our foreign ministry in order to strengthen the government's case against the withdrawal of Unficyp, a real possibility.
What happens privately or at work is something you may find hard to believe. However, you should be relieved to discover that someone is acting out of kindness today.
"There are days when I have trouble getting a taxi to stop for me, and unpleasant things happen for reasons of colour and race which my friends find hard to believe." He sighs.
You look good in the eyes of others, which you find hard to believe. Remember, you only live once.
Each episode also features a moving conclusion that many have always known but find hard to believe: The best vacations do not depend on time or place or budget.
'News, that I find hard to believe, has reached me that it seems some of our colleagues there harbor a great desire to claim the money and divide the second or third tranche of the money to be remitted by the Spanish government, such that if this happens, some were already tempted, or were taken in, or driven by the heat of money, to overlook the purity and aims of the country.
I didn't think twice about it, which people find hard to believe. But I already had my hands done, a spiderweb in my ear and tattoos on my neck, so it wasn't such a huge step.
There are all kinds of odd stories in this issue, some that you may find hard to believe. Don't be afraid.