find hard to believe

See: doubt
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News, that I find hard to believe, has reached me that it seems some of our colleagues there harbor a great desire to claim the money and divide the second or third tranche of the money to be remitted by the Spanish government, such that if this happens, some were already tempted, or were taken in, or driven by the heat of money, to overlook the purity and aims of the country.
However, I also see developments which I find hard to believe could have been approved by planning authorities.
There are all kinds of odd stories in this issue, some that you may find hard to believe.
Today this tradition continues on a scale many of us would find hard to believe only a few decades back.
In response to the council's findings, Joe told the Birmingham Mail: "They told us that this was the first time emergency services couldn't get into a tower block, which I do find hard to believe.
He said: "At a time when this council is considering cutting free services to veterans, closing The Lyndale School and facing the prospect of making forced redundancies, the fact that Labour councillors flew to a conference in sunny Bournemouth is something Wirral residents will find hard to believe.
The greatest care for every detail has been devoted to the creation of such a unique collection of items at value driven price points one will find hard to believe, says Sharie Hendricks.
The Irish actor and Hollywood star is making a return to British TV in the Channel 4 thriller - but in a role many will find hard to believe.
6 percent from 2006 to 2010, a drop that rape victim advocates find hard to believe.