find indispensable

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If you're interested in the future of the Internet, browse our online catalog to find indispensable books for both technical and non-technical audiences.
Missions must deploy with at least the same technological advantages that most governments and enterprises around the world now find indispensable to their daily operations.
Skopje and Athens need to be constructive and ready to make a compromise which is evidently in the best interest of both countries and which will make it possible for Macedonia to open EU accession talks, which I find indispensable.
Like others of his type, the controversial fugitive was essentially apolitical, had spent much of his life on airplanes, and in his twenties was paid well over $100,000 a year for skills that the metastasizing institutions of mass surveillance find indispensable.
This is a book that all practicing rhinologists, otolaryngologists, skull base surgeons as well as residents and fellows in otolaryngology will find indispensable for expanding their surgical and medical expertise as well as gaining a full understanding of the basic science framework of their multifaceted specialty.
The tome by Gareth May hands out pointers about certain skills, which apparently all lads would find indispensable, such as the correct etiquette in a urinal, hiding a lovebite, or spotting artificial breasts.
Our goal is clear, and that is to make it effortless for our partners to create highly appealing, context-relevant applications that consumers will find indispensable.
Any toy collector will find indispensable this survey of 100 years of toys in COLLECTOR'S TOY YEARBOOK IDENTIFICATION AND VALUES, a blend of outstanding, colorful close-up color photos and articles on toy and manufacturer history and toy trends over the last 100 years.
The partnership with Trustive is in line with KPN's goal to offer its customers the best connections possible and help them stay in touch with the people and the information they find indispensable.
Someone who will make you laugh and entertain you and point you in the direction of hidden gems that you will quickly find indispensable.
Finally, they provide an overview of currently available resources on the Internet, including useful modeling tools and databases they find indispensable for information exchange.
It follows that whoever truly desires what's indispensable to him or her must not so much, or must not only, search out the party in possession of what they find indispensable, but must also, or first of all, seek out the individual presumed to possess what's indispensable to the party in possession of what's indispensable to themselves.