find intolerable

See: resent
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We find intolerable the assertion that gay unions are dangerous to the world.
Washington, September 22 ( ANI ): Researchers have described how naked mole-rats have evolved to thrive in an acidic environment that other mammals, including humans, would find intolerable.
Vidal's sense of place encompassed not only Ravello but his native Hudson Valley, especially his place of birth, West Point, of which he wrote: "what I find intolerable is the presence of women.
On the evidence of the past two years, the euro will stumble on, but it is hard to see how Greece and Spain can remain in it without huge transfers from Germany and others, transfers which German voters clearly find intolerable - 70% of Germans want a "Grexit" from the euro, and half want rid of the euro itself.
Its global gate-keeping mechanisms would put a damper on the Gospel agenda, which conscientious Anglicans should find Intolerable.
The drugs also have other severe side effects such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, as well as swelling, weight gain, and excessive hair growth and acne that many people find intolerable.
Some get scared that their lives may be ended without their consent, and others get scared that they may be kept alive against their will in conditions that they find intolerable.
But most significantly, she found an inattention to proofreading and a failure to check spelling, failures of behavior we find intolerable in our students.
The movie chops up story strands and time frames, and tosses around discordant visual elements in a way that those who hate ``Top Gun'' director Scott's British TV commercial style will find intolerable.
Mr Justice Owen told him: "In a desperate bid to keep your wife, you tolerated what many would find intolerable.
The other, Hortle John, is a young tough whose language and actions the monks find intolerable.
What one tolerates or forgives, another will find intolerable and unforgivable.