find necessary

See: need
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HM the King affirmed Bahrain's support for all measures Egypt may find necessary to counter terrorism.
The layout of the station area will boost the quality that we find necessary.
Mattarella urged neighbouring countries, the EU, the United Nations and the Security Council to make every effort to find necessary tools allowing Libyans to overcome the crisis.
Assafari said that the Saudi regime should find necessary mechanisms for the settlement of its internal problems by reforming its laws.
While natural disasters can lead to a feeling of insecurity, residents find necessary solace in the work of Cameron Yadidi Brock and his team at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc.
He also said that he did not find necessary to call a meeting of the State Election Commission at which overcoming these problems would be discussed, considering nobody notified them officially that early parliamentary election would be held.
8220;We enjoy knowing our work is going to not only provide housing but fulfill other needs these vets may find necessary as they come back from military service.
The German partners explained they could not find necessary funding for such an expensive long term project within the weak global economy and when faced with having to decommission their German nuclear plants following Fukushima.
said it has developed a search engine that makes it possible to find necessary documents in a short time, enhancing business efficiencies at contact centers and customer satisfaction.
How did they ever find necessary funds to finance STL and did not find funds to solve electricity problem?
The aim of the meeting was to find necessary solutions for the protection
Coun Farnell accused Labour of failing to identify how it would find necessary savings in future years.