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You will find outlet shopping from some of the UK's top retailers, an 11-screen cinema, 18 bars and restaurants serving everything from New York cocktails to Pan-Asian cuisine and from artisan beers to pizza.
NNA - 28/5/2011 Caretaker Trade and Economy minister, Mohammad Safadi, deplored in the strongest term possible the road side bomb attack on UNIFIL and urged President Sleiman to ingather all politicians on a round table of dialogue to find outlet for present crises.
Examples such as the Duality of Zarathustra or the colours of the dome of a mosque dedicated to Mevlana, Egypt or Anatolia find outlet in his language of expression.
roads, General Motors said last week standardized power plugs are needed considering that drivers will find outlet voltages that wona[euro](tm)t be always the same.
A*LATWP News ServiceYoung Saudis find outlet in graffiti
Atkinson recounts would have lent themselves to clinical understanding in therapy if guilt and sadomasochism as central to perversions were kept in mind--Walter's opting not to abuse the 9-year-old girl because she was already being abused (and therefore suffering), and his beating up another pervert to find outlet for guilt over his own similar behavior.
Wagner-Martin's expertise does find outlet in judicious selections that frame the novel's luminous value.
The company plans to invite its mid- and downstream clients to make related investments for the production of petrochemical derivatives, so as to find outlet for ethylene and other petrochemical materials turned out by its facilities.
On this shopping mile you'll find outlets for international fashion labels next door to each other.
by Courtesy of StatePoint Find outlets for exercise that excite you and motivate you.