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For now, all Thompson can do is try his best to find passage home, even if it means taking a slow boat back to the UK.
The old wooden floors have heard the footfall of many visitors who sought many different things: to trade, to find passage to another place, and now, perhaps in its most graceful role yet, to find truly good food and service in a setting that is unique and steeped in local history.
The former has been passed in the Rajya Sabha, but stands little chance of passage in the Lower House, the latter has been sent to a committee and it is unlikely to find passage, at least in the term of this Lok Sabha.
Bleeding linked to the gingivitis enabled the bacteria, usually contained to the mouth because of the body's defence system, to enter the blood and find passage to the placenta.
This book should be read by all who struggle to understand the Middle East and to find passage to a just peace in the region.
Failing to find passage to Canada from either Antwerp or Amsterdam, the monks eventually found refuge the following year on a farm outside of Antwerp, just west of a town named Malle.
Flip to almost any page and you will find passages that delight.
Nowhere in the New Testament can one find passages reflecting "an attitude of scorn, hostility or persecution of Jews as Jews," said the new document from the Pontifical Biblical Commission.
Indeed, the connection between Hurston's FWP experience and Seraph is so complete that one can find passages where Hurston lifted sentences from her FWP field notes and placed them in the mouths of her novel's characters" (x).
While quibblers without doubt will find passages to carp on, I found the information accurate and clearly presented.
A little of this goes a long way and even the most ardent admirer of Walker may find passages like the following rather indigestible, especially as the definitive study of Scott, A Deep Shade Of Blue , is still in the bookshops.
On other occasions he received the files, only to find passages had been blacked out.