find the cause

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Engineers from suppliers NEDL were immediately sent to the area to try and find the cause of the fault and establish temporary power.
FIRE investigators have been working to find the cause of the mystery blaze which killed a popular care home worker.
TESTS are continuing to find the cause of death of a man whose body was discovered at a Merseyside flat.
I am dedicated to helping find the cause of breast cancer so my daughter, my wife will not have to live with this fear.
The dream I have for this is that all they've learned in decoding the genome can be taken to clinical applications to find the cause of major diseases, how to prevent them and how to treat them.
Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Miami, the National Parkinson Foundation's dual mission is to find the cause of and cure for Parkinson disease and to improve the quality of life for those afflicted with the debilitating disease.
The 51-year-old rejoined his team Thursday after two days of tests at the Cleveland Clinic to find the cause of a ``urological-related'' pain.
Women who are interested in donating their time, support or money will now have access to a centralized community in which to find the cause that's right for them.
Sarah is looking forward to the challenge of investigating cells in the liver to find the cause of the condition.
Allstead claims Bush has made no effort to find the cause of 9-11, but these random, worldwide terrorist attacks on America have not occurred since.
An environment agency is determined to find the cause of a pollution that killed 150 fish in Roath Brook.