find the cause

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Sometimes however, finding the cause lies far deeper than just looking at the building, and worse still on other occasions, no matter how hard you try, you can't find the cause.
FIRE investigators have been working to find the cause of the mystery blaze which killed a popular care home worker.
When we talk about MS research, most people immediately think about our search to find the cause and the cure.
Sarah is looking forward to the challenge of investigating cells in the liver to find the cause of the condition.
When the poisoning incident results in the paralysis of her dad's new wife, Jenna turns her attention to trying to find the cause and an antidote.
AN investigation will be launched today to find the cause of a blaze which ripped through Wrexham's town centre.
We will turn our expertise to ALS to try to find the cause, treatment, and cure," he said.
A grower had noticed spots on a few peaches last year but couldn't find the cause.
Physicians may use this procedure to find the cause of diarrhea, abdominal pain, or constipation.
For the last year of her life, Louise Lemieux's family--who belong to the Bad River Chippewa Band--had tried to find the cause of her illness.
An environment agency is determined to find the cause of a pollution that killed 150 fish in Roath Brook.