find vent

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But surely, if our evil passions must find vent, it is far better to expend them on strangers and aliens, than in the bosom of the community in which we dwell.
It was owing to this feeling on Gyp's part that, when Lisbeth came into the workshop and advanced towards Adam as noiselessly as she could, her intention not to awaken him was immediately defeated; for Gyp's excitement was too great to find vent in anything short of a sharp bark, and in a moment Adam opened his eyes and saw his mother standing before him.
Rather, it is the absence of political rights and civil liberties that could lead to terrorism--with freedom of speech curbed, opinions may find vent in violence.
The discovery offers the potential to find vent sites with unique fauna that have evolved in isolation from those in other oceans.
The restrictive conventions of a patriarchal family structure are shattered by poison or the knife, the last fiery remnants of a feudal concept of ~honour' find vent in the ritualized aggression of the duel, the tricky Calvinist doctrines of Nature and Grace work themselves out in the bloody exploits of assassins.
This technique was used successfully to find vent sites in the Pacific and Atlantic, and most recently in the Indian Ocean.