find words for

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It is hard to find words for that, but football is not everything.
The object is to find words for which the differences are constant, for example, AMOUNT yields A=1, MO=28, UHT=55 with constant difference 27 = 28-1 = 55-28.
You'll find words for your own age group at our Web site, www.
We failed to find words for another sensation: an unaccustomed euphoria that had spread through our bodies for hours altar we are the morels.
The paintings stand by themselves sometimes and are sometimes accompanied by a quotation from an artist's diary or from a writer trying to find words for the beauty of the landscape.
Babs was decked out in some vile shade of pink that I can't even find words for.
These workbooks have drawing and writing projects to help the children find words for their feelings.