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The irony in this case is that the appeals court ignored the fact that the finding against Judge DeWeese was decided in a federal courthouse that displays a large painting of the Ten Commandments - flanked by two angels.
Valid trademark rights in a domain name as well as proof of bad faith registration are required for a finding against a domain name registrant in the ICANN arbitration system.
District Court in Delaware has entered an opinion finding against Computer Motion's prosecution laches defense.
KBC has filed a second motion for a contempt finding against Pertamina and a ruling on this motion is expected shortly.
know as DNS, has announced that a jury in the United States District Court in San Jose on March 5, 2002 returned a verdict finding against DNS and in favor of CFM (now part of Mattson).
In particular, there is a significant risk of bankruptcy if certain claims against the Company do not settle but are actually litigated or if there is an adverse finding against the Company.
included a rare asbestos liability finding against Exxon Corp.
We will ask the Court to set aside the decision against TCPI on business interference, as well as the finding against Mr.