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The result of the deliberations of a jury or a court. A decision upon a Question of Fact reached as the result of a judicial examination or investigation by a court, jury, referee, Coroner, etc. A recital of the facts as found. The word commonly applies to the result reached by a judge or jury.

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n. the determination of a factual question vital (contributing) to a decision in a case by the trier of fact (jury or judge sitting without a jury) after a trial of a lawsuit, often referred to as findings of fact. A finding of fact is distinguished from a conclusion of law which is determined by the judge as the sole legal expert. Findings of fact and conclusions of law need not be made if waived or not requested by the trial attorneys, leaving just the bare judgment in the case. (See: conclusion of law)

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the conclusion reached after a judicial inquiry; a verdict.
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Table-V: Age in relation to different symptoms with normal and abnormal endoscopic findings.
For the short-term unemployed in the SCE, the average likelihood of finding a job is 0.6 percentage points higher for each percentage point increase in the expectation of finding a job, even after the researchers control for individual characteristics such as race, household income, and education.
Only patients with normal chest X-ray within 48 hrs prior to undergoing CTPA were considered, as to minimize the inclusion of findings which did not necessitate CT for discovery, and with the aim of ensuring findings identified in this study were truly the benefit of CT alone.
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Although the number of students who accessed the edublog site increased from 36 percent at midterm to 61 percent at the completion of the course, a closer examination and comparison of the questionnaire findings revealed that nearly 25 percent of the students never accessed the site at all.
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