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Fine Needle Aspirations (FNA) were done on the thyroid lesions to collect specimens for cytological evaluation using 23/24 gauge disposable needles attached with 10/20 mL airtight disposable syringes according standard operative procedure.
Clinical research pathology of tuberculous lymphadenitis: a fine needle aspiration approach.
Thus with meticulous sampling, staining techniques and interpretation of cytomorphological features, Fine needle aspiration cytology is a safe and inexpensive tool in the study of thyroid nodules.
As our findings show, fine needle aspirates of gynaecomastia can have variable cellularity ranging from virtually acellular to richly cellular smears.
Key words: Fine needle aspiration cytology; Breast; Tumors; Histopathology
Key Words: Fine needle aspiration cytology, Supravital stain, Breast, Thyroid, Lymph nodes, salivary glands.
Material and Methods: All cases diagnosed as breast cancer (C 5) or suspicious of breast cancer (C 4), on Fine needle aspiration cytology, were included in the study and women already taking treatment were excluded.
Early microscopy: history of fine needle aspiration (FNA) with particular reference to goitres.
The company said RosettaGX Reveal, its novel microRNA classifier for the diagnosis of indeterminate thyroid Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) smears, is the only molecular test in the thyroid market that has been validated in a multicentre, international, blinded study using convenient, routinely prepared cytology slides.
A small sample can often be taken consciously with a needle and analysed - a test known as a fine needle aspirate.