fine point

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The place on which he fixed for a trading post, was a fine point of land, at the junction of the Pointed Heart and Spokan Rivers.
A few terminated in a single fine point, and, like very delicate pencils, were employed in giving the finishing touches, or in operating upon the more sensitive portions of the body, as was the case in the present instance.
As far as writing was concerned, he used a long stick at one end of which he had whittled a long, fine point.
Once again he touched him on the breast, as though his finger were the fine point of a small sword, with which, in delicate finesse, he ran him through the body, and said,"My friend, I will die, perpetuating the system under which I have lived.
One end of it was hardened by charring in the fire, and was sharpened to a fine point.
By which means Tom learned to make an extremely fine point to his pencil, and to represent landscape with a "broad generality," which, doubtless from a narrow tendency in his mind to details, he thought extremely dull.
After the first meal nearly all the steel knives had been missing, and now every Negro had one, ground to a fine point, hidden in his boots.
I looked at the beast well; it was brown in colour and had a shell; it was a crawling kind of reptile, about eight inches long, and narrowed down from the head, which was about a couple of fingers in width, to the end of the tail, which came to a fine point.
Lammeter was already on the stone steps, passing the time in recalling to Godfrey what very fine points Speckle had when his master used to ride him.
I have seen the bull slaughtered," said John Harned "I will now see the horse slaughtered, so that I may understand more fully the fine points of this noble sport.
Crokes settled, with their swift passing and movement hurting the South Kerry defence, and Kieran O'Leary had them in front by the ninth minute with two fine points while Michael Burns scored another after great work by Daithi Casey.
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