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We are extremely excited to collaborate with California Finest and Silver State Trading to bring Jimi's Genetix to California.
Top billing goes to two wines I reviewed recently: the superb Vina Mara Gran Reserva Rioja 2007 and the Tesco Finest Crozes-Hermitage 2011.
However, I decided to use Tesco's new-found largesse to try out some of their other discounted Finest wines - all IWC awardwinners of varying degrees.
Barth & Sohn has announced the release of the Finest Harvest Edition Hops for 2014.
com)-- Florida's Finest Tan launches at Bealls Department Stores to officially kick-off Summer 2014.
IF you ever wondered how many people it takes to put a topping on a Tesco finest cheese and tomato pizza - it's 10.
The Nation's Finest program offers eligible military personnel and disabled veterans a $100 mail-in rebate for the purchase of a qualifying M&P15 rifle, and a $50 mail-in rebate for the purchase of a qualifying M&P pistol or Smith & Wesson revolver.
Tesco aims to double sales of its Finest wines with six new launches and more in the pipeline to make the most of a return in consumer confidence for 2010.
TESCO has thrown down the gauntlet to up-market rivals after the supermarket giant slashed prices on its luxury Finest range, in a bid to tap into a trend for shoppers to trade up over Christmas.
The supermarket giant has slashed prices on its luxury Finest range in a bid to win a bigger share of the market this Christmas.
What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared for the work that would be his finest hour.
I was about to call this Kobe Bryant's finest moment.