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This ghosting effect can result in ambiguous finger position coordinates when more than one finger is placed on the screen.
It also gives time to help adjust the young shooter's finger position on the string without the normal frustration that can turn someone away from archery before they get started.
It looks just like a real electric guitar, but features color-coded finger position buttons on the frets and abbreviated strings, perfect for small hands.
Additionally, NEC's slap segmentation algorithm proved most accurate in hand and finger position identification rate for slaps with an unknown hand type.
Using seam movement rather than swing, by a subtle change in his finger positions and the help of a strong wrist, he was able to claim another eight wickets in the match and make sure that Sri Lanka's fightback didn't alter the outcome of the game.
Lesson 1(Learning Styles and Body Position at the Keyboard) covers teaching the energetic-relaxed body position at the keyboard, using skeletal awareness plus breathing out technique as you begin to play, adding in keyboard fingerings, finding natural arm, hand and finger positions, and a quick learning assessment for visual, auditory or tactile learners.