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The discussion affirmed that finically literate individuals make best choices and decisions regarding their financial matters; whereas, the situation of their counterparts (financially illiterates or financially less literates) appears to be otherwise.
Speaking to the journalists Malak Sheroz Khan said that we strongly demand the financial support of the flood effected victims of the Union council Khujri from the provincial government, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and also from the district administration to call the Khujri as disaster affected area and finically support the effected families to rebuild their destructed homes.
The Government has assisted finically in building some mosques for Muslims, some temples for Hindus and Buddhists and some churches for Christians.
But this level of care is challenging to sustain finically.
No doubt, early poets like Asvaghosa and Kalidasa do not entirely neglect effective narration, but the later Kavya attaches hardly any importance to the theme or story and depends almost exclusively on the appeal of art finically displayed in individual stanzas.