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ISLAMABAD, March 25, 2010 (Frontier Star): National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence while expressing concern over increasing terrorist incidents has sought names of those countries, which are assisting terrorists and extremists finically and technically in different areas of the country, from Government.
Similar in its violent anti-Cromwellianism, its lively, if scurrilous, anecdotes, and its interspersed, learned Latin and Greek quotations, Heath's text, 172-73, comments briefly but tellingly on Elizabeth Cromwell, "who very frugally Huswived it, and would nicely and finically tax the expensive unthriftiness (as said she) of the Other Woman who lived there [in Whitehall] before her.
Some of them transformed between vanity sets and finically presented banana splits, suggesting that women should pay equal attention to the presentation of their faces and their food.