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Cougars, which will eat meat, guts, bones - the proverbial whole enchilada, survived the mass extinction event 12,000 years ago, while their finicky cousins the saber tooth cat and American lion bit the dust, Discovery News reported.
Well, Kareena is a finicky shopper and takes her own sweet time deciding on what she wants to buy.
WESTMINSTER - Because of the ice storm and the finicky weather since then, fines will not be charged for items due at Forbush Memorial Library between Dec.
The pupils giggled as they heard why woodpeckers don't get headaches, that dung beetles are finicky eaters and how Merthyr Tydfil's Howard Stapleton invented an electromagnetic teenager repellent.
Whereas the computer package I use can be used to alter images altogether, I like to think of it as enhancement, and I'm very finicky with it.
The way they rise to the occasion in the crunch of short time or changing circumstances on "Top Design" adds another dimension to their portfolios, he says, showing how they would cope with a finicky client, back-ordered furniture or a tight deadline.
The prize rendering here is Diamonds, in which Agnes Letestu, Jean-Guillaume Bart, and the incomparable POB corps triumph over the finicky editing to distill the spirit of Petipa through Balanchine's breathtaking design.
The waning species tended to be bees with narrow ranges or finicky tastes in plants.
Not content personalizing Audis for finicky customers (http://autofieldguide.
Garfield enjoys being treated like a king--no surprise there but it lands him in danger when the sneaky Lord Dargis tries to get rid of our finicky friend so he can turn the castle into a resort.
Less finicky collectors would regard this as part of the clock's history and accept it as inevitable.
A SURVEY states that 20 million NHS meals are thrown out annually because finicky patients won't eat them.