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Cats are no more finicky than humans or dogs," says Leni Kaplan, DVM, MS, a lecturer in the Community Practice Service at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Cougars, which will eat meat, guts, bones - the proverbial whole enchilada, survived the mass extinction event 12,000 years ago, while their finicky cousins the saber tooth cat and American lion bit the dust, Discovery News reported.
I am guessing that each issue was put out on a printer and not photocopied, as photocopiers can be finicky about weirdly shaped paper, but I might be wrong.
this show of thirty-five artists from their magic circle--many too long in the shadows, with Lilly Fenichel, Miriam Hoffman, and Lawrence Jordan among them--should underscore the visual concordance of that groovily finicky heyday.
SIR - Too often rugby is not worth watching owing to finicky, precise rules which apparently confuse even the players.
The LG T370 has been pmduced with a beautiful body likewise all the similar gadgets of this era The gadget is provided in~ t~scinating body colors (black, white and red) to amuse even the finicky users as well because that does matter to LO goals.
Here the remaining bakers test their pastry-making skills as they embark on a series of dough-based challenges before the finicky palettes of judges Mary Berry and the silver fox himself, Paul Hollywood.
Also, you have basically have to read this article, from 1981, about "Two Finicky Visitors in Israel": "Fritz, a 650-pound male dolphin, and Tivie, a female whose weight was not disclosed.
Another problem is the growing number of shop security shutters demanded by insurance companies, but subject to finicky planning laws which can also see off struggling businesses.
Well, Kareena is a finicky shopper and takes her own sweet time deciding on what she wants to buy.
3 : having or showing delicate or finicky taste <He is a dainty eater.
WESTMINSTER - Because of the ice storm and the finicky weather since then, fines will not be charged for items due at Forbush Memorial Library between Dec.