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On Rhonheimer's reasons to avoid the traditional distinction between finis operis and finis operantis, see his NLPR, 430-36.
A tout cela s'ajoutent les couts en energie de plus en plus eleves, l'augmentation du prix du petrole pour transporter les matieres premieres et les produits finis et tout cela resulte en une pression sur les marges des producteurs qui ne fait que monter.
Principaliter quidem ad vitam contemplativam pertinet contemplatio divinae veritatis, quia huiusmodi contemplatio est finis totius humanae vitae.
The goal is to answer inquiries within 2 working days, says Finis Cavender, overseer of the answer line's development.
He started operation of the standard Finis Oil Company in the Punjab.
4 (land not surveyed in sections), in the lower part of the Finis Shale Member of the Graham Formation, Upper Pennsylvanian (lower Virgilian).
Le magasin de stockage de produits finis et de matieres premieres n'a pas ete touche.
Contract award: delivery, introduction, installation and turnkey handover of a pre finis location u folding machine with conveyor technology -.
Knopman Marks Financial Training FINis a leading provider in FINRA licensing examination preparation.
The second-place finishers in the Derby and Preakness have a combined finis Preak Preak 0-for-15 r Preakness have a combined 0-for-15 record in stakes competition.
Cependant, les importations des produits bruts, des produits finis de consommation et des produits alimentaires ont continue de reculer respectivement de 22,2%, de 1,8% et de 14,5%.
Bozday- and his accompanies finis their visit and leaves the museum