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This subsequent post-Tridentine casuist tradition--named for its focus on particular moral cases--typically relies upon a distinction between the finis operis and the finis operantis, (21) which as Servais Pinckaers and others have argued is really not operative in the work of Thomas himself.
The finis written by the Talibs to Buddhism should be only "a wrong rectified," in their eyes.
MARK: Has anybody seen the new drive that Finis Conner was promoting?
Hill, who finished eighth in Australia and Argentina and was disqualified after Brazil for an underweight car, said: "I would be nervous about claiming that we could win a race this year, but we should be qualifying in the top six and taking podium finis hes.
Principaliter quidem ad vitam contemplativam pertinet contemplatio divinae veritatis, quia huiusmodi contemplatio est finis totius humanae vitae.
The goal is to answer inquiries within 2 working days, says Finis Cavender, overseer of the answer line's development.
We have been looking for ways to enhance content and speed delivery of FINIS and BLI," said J.
4 (land not surveyed in sections), in the lower part of the Finis Shale Member of the Graham Formation, Upper Pennsylvanian (lower Virgilian).
FINIS Henderson is one of those entertainment rarities, a chameleon who defies pigeonholing.
Finis Whitt, manager of the Galion facilities' Manufacturing Engineering Department, says many alternatives were considered for the new roof.
Smith and Finis Welch offer a human capital approach to the narrowing of the earnings gap between black and white men from 1940 to 1980, stressing the role of schooling.