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According to AL HAYAT, the "classified" internal report was leaked last week and it accused the kingdom of "engaging in the Zionist scheme to finish off the Palestinian cause and Palestinian refugees issue.
Combining business with pleasure always reminds me of that felicitous French custom, near the end of a meal, of asking for a little cheese to finish off the wine, followed, of course, by more wine to finish off the cheese.
Honiara was considered as a venue for the fourth-year students to finish off their studies, but with the damaged Honiara water supply, it is not now realistic.
We're taking care of the wounded people the oppressors weren't able to finish off, and they call and tell us that they're coming in to finish their work.
At night, the creatures finish off the day's production.
With the start of the second major deer season beginning now through November, NTI is bracing for another round of consumer demand to finish off the year strong.
His cowardly employment of ATOS to interrogate the sick and vulnerable and slash their meagre benefits has caused many to finish off their own lives.
The good work continued at the start of the second half as Lewis broke away and fed White to finish off.
Roy Jones is a nice guy, full of respect and that will be a massive fight and what a way to finish off your career against the former middleweight, super-middleweight, lightheavy and heavyweight champion of the world.
And we are all working hard to finish off the pathway to the brook which will be a real asset to the estate when it is finished.