finished product

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I noted them walking the deck together one morning, and I likened them to the extreme ends of the human ladder of evolution--the one the culmination of all savagery, the other the finished product of the finest civilization.
On occasion, performances were given them by the finished products which verified all their other delightful and charming conclusions about the school.
According to the company, one trial with the product saw a 27 percent increase in finished product yield, 47 percent less energy consumed and a 48 percent increase in conversion efficiency from electrical power to finished product.
Engineered with an expanding, tapered profile that reduces the airflow velocity as the process air rises, the unit cuts the volume of product lost as waste, boosts the ratio of finished product at discharge per unit of input and supports dust control efforts while reducing the size of the unit required to achieve tile desired temperature and moisture content.
8% less water per ton of finished product, equivalent to 36 Olympic-size swimming pools.
The Pencader project in Carmarthenshire includes the installation of increased finished product storage and automated finished product blending and packing.
The joint standardized information on dietary supplement ingredients (SIDI) Working Group--a coalition of the dietary supplement industry's trade associations--has released the new Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Guideline, the latest in a series of voluntary guidelines for the supplement industry developed to assist finished product manufacturers with the process of qualifying their ingredient suppliers.
And if semi-finished products from Switzerland were used to manufacture the ready-made underwear in those countries, the finished product could not be supplied to customers in the EU at the preferential rate of duty.
However, if a spec product is needed, a vibrating screen must follow the crusher to create the desired screened finished product.
The domestic copper industry has benefited, as have others, from the boom in the world economy, which has boosted demand for finished product.
For example, if a finished product is sold to a customer and the taxpayer performed a qualifying activity with respect to it, then the finished product is the item.
As well as the evident advantages in the quality of the finished product, the ring production technology is said to be unique in the precured tread sector for having been able to effectively apply the concept of highly-flexible production modules that is leading the technological innovations in the production of new tires.