finishing stroke

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From priming the canvas to finishing strokes, Sana Saeed handles her works in a passionate way.
He gave the painting its last finishing strokes at the dawn of 2018, which marked 100 years since the birth of Shaikh Zayed.
So I'm giving it motion, and the form and shape of the car also helps." It's a brand new car -- a 2015 model -- and Al Rawi is not sure whether it is to be auctioned after she lays the finishing strokes. "It might be on display at their showroom".
Horizontal and circumferential strokes are finishing strokes that are longer and lighter and used when root smoothing.
Already the financial crisis is being manipulated to put the finishing strokes on the destabilization of the working majority.
Performing comedy remains the cornerstone of Tyler's career, but she's putting the finishing strokes on a female buddy-action movie to be directed by the acclaimed John Woo, and recently shot a sit-com pilot backed by Friends costar Lisa Kudrow's production company.