finishing stroke

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Norris of Houston also features The Finishing Touch, a boutique for jewelry and accessories.
They'll act as shutters, and at 102 inches tall, they will be a finishing touch that everyone is bound to notice.
The Finishing Touch is a boutique within Norris of Houston that carries collections of jewelry, handbags, and accessories hand selected by Sandy Chaskin, the owner.
Already Finishing Touch has received instructions on twelve events for December
In the second half, Cleveland attacked North Ormesby but couldn't find the finishing touch and also came up against a strong Doggy defence.
Hardwood Council members witnessed the first demonstration of The Finishing Touch CD-ROM specifying tool at the Council's annual meeting, held in Washington, D.
The finishing touch came with the specification of a semi metallic mid grey paint finish, covering sheet steel doors.
A colorful abstract art program, featuring the work of contemporary New Jersey artists, adds the appropriate finishing touch to the design concept.
Adding whipped topping and a cherry to our shakes is a great finishing touch that makes them even more special.
Milone had just come through with the ideal finishing touch to punctuate who was in charge this time.
For a delicious finishing touch, Shells Triple-Layer Carrot Cake is full of carrots and raisins, covered in cream cheese frosting and finished with chopped walnuts and a drizzle of caramel sauce.