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1982) introduce such player irrationality to show that cooperation is possible in finitely repeated games.
In considering social surplus as a function of copyright length, it is easy to derive examples in which infinitely lived copyright length is preferred to any finitely lived copyright.
Therefore first we discuss the stability properties of the finitely many d-variate exponentials in dependence of q.
However, if it is sampled at a rate higher than the minimum Nyquist rate (oversampling), then the sample values thus obtained have some redundancy which enables perfect recovery even when finitely many samples are missing [3, 4, 111.
This feature enables contractors to more finitely control the total station easily stopping the laser pointer on a desired point location.
During the 1980s Robert Axelrod organised a tournament in which computer programs implementing various strategies competed against one another, playing a finitely repeated form of the 'prisoner's dilemma' game.
If F is an algebra of subsets of a set Y and [mu]: F [right arrow] E a finitely additive measure then [mu] will be called exhaustive if for any disjoint sequence {[A.
i]) form an open covering of D, and because D is compact, there are finitely many [[mu].
The buckling problem of a finitely long plate under uniform shear stress has been addressed and the following relation was found for the critical stress in the case of clamped edges.
This is because only finitely many such solutions could be written in the code, so such a strategy would not be helpful in speeding up the running-time of an algorithm solving SUBSET-SUM when n is large.
There are many ways to describe interactions between agents starting with the most common ones that entail a process of infinitely or finitely repeated interaction between them (described by Perdo Dal in 2005), but also fictitious play (described by Brown 1951) or the tit-for-tat strategy where we follow the principal and follower formula of strategy games.