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14) The students feel uncomfortable when they are confronted with death in their daily life, as this experience remits them to their finiteness, giving rise to feelings of impotence that arouse feelings predisposing to the assessment of the care delivered.
2) We show that row-rank finiteness of join matrices implies that tropical graph parameters can be computed in polynomial time on graph classes of bounded clique-width.
Kohut wrote that "the acknowledgement of the limits and of the finiteness of the self .
A historian or linguist would argue that on the cosmic scale, the rapidity with which languages come and go proves their finiteness and their inferiority to time.
Again the categorization for the lexical verb depends on that for finiteness, so that the sign has the syntax of a finite.
The global climate change, the predicted increase in energy consumption, and the finiteness of current primary energy resources have increased the importance of improved energy efficiency, as well as the exploitation of renewable and thus more sustainable energy sources.
Cartwright states with a view to Schopenhauer's readings: "These Early Romantics promoted the cultivation of one's feelings and imagination as the means of knowledge, fostered an idiosyncratic form of individuality, self-consciously employed mythology, loved fairy tales and the Orient, glorified art--especially music--and sought to transcend all finiteness, limitation, and dualism through identification with some greater whole.
The finiteness of specifics to the bringing of a ladder falls upon some individuals.
Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.
Asceticism in Greek means "training," and I suggest that the asceticism we humans ought to undertake is the daily dose of suffering that our finiteness sends us every day, unsolicited; embrace it for the goodness that lies hidden in it, and strive to transcend and transform--as much as possible the unavoidable pain in it into good.
In the literature, residual finiteness has attracted much attention.
In the linguistic literature at least three different views on finiteness can be distinguished: (i) finiteness as a morphological (i.