fire at

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The hussars had succeeded in setting it on fire and the French batteries were now firing at them, no longer to hinder them but because the guns were trained and there was someone to fire at.
When I began to have a fire at evening, before I plastered my house, the chimney carried smoke particularly well, because of the numerous chinks between the boards.
As soon as the bear felt the blow, and saw him, he turns about and comes after him, taking very long strides, and shuffling on at a strange rate, so as would have put a horse to a middling gallop; away reins Friday, and takes his course as if he ran towards us for help; so we all resolved to fire at once upon the bear, and deliver my man; though I was angry at him for bringing the bear back upon us, when he was going about his own business another way; and especially I was angry that he had turned the bear upon us, and then ran away; and I called out, "You dog
The furniture being very dry, and rendered more combustible by wax and oil, besides the arts they had used, took fire at once.
Mayor Daley called for fire sprinklers to be retrofitted several times during his tenure as mayor including after the 1992 Paxton Hotel fire where 22 people died, and the 1999 fire at 6007 North Sheridan where one person died.
About 2 hectares of land there reignited in 1989, more than 25 years after officials thought they had smothered the coal fire at a site more than a 500 m away with a thick layer of clay.
It only takes one horror story about a fire at camp to be reminded how important it is to develop and maintain a comprehensive fire safety and prevention program for your camp.
At the same time, I'm thinking, you don't go into a gully, because it's like a bowl and if the wind comes up, there will be fire at the base of the bowl.
Two years ago, one inmate died near the Ventura County border when he fell off a cliff while fighting a brush fire at night, he said.
An entomologist has to be at the right fire at the right time, but so far, no one can know ahead, of time what will be right.
Cubacub invested his life in FIRE at the end of 1995, soon after producing FIRE's inaugural commercial job.
FIRE's reputation for top-quality content and customer service has placed FIRE at the forefront of the elearning and ecompliance market space.