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He hauled a lawsuit-threatening lawyer into the picture and fired off open letters that pushed every possible button.
We all hada smile when we read about how she wants her ashes fired off in a sky-rocket.
Moves gained dimension through Elizabeth Doud's prickly, sometimes facetious script, including rules of attraction fired off by Jennylin Duany with opera-diva authority and girl-prodigy drollness.
It's my best friend, the movie's director, Norman Rene, learning that he was HIV-positive right before shooting began, and his asking my lover, a surgeon, to lie on the insurance forms so he wouldn't be fired off the movie.
The desperate and incredulous agent fired off an angry (and prophetic) e-mail to Washington.
Jo Moore, a political adviser for Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers, fired off the memo within half an hour of the second strike on the World Trade Centre towers.
This, the authority hopes, will help calm down shipping lines after attackers fired off a few shots during a July 3 robbery in the port.
Haberstram, who admits he never really liked Chapell anyway, fired off an e-mail saying the accountant's employment was terminated, and he would have to sort out his own problems with the mob.
After Dombeck's announcement, Idaho's Senator Craig fired off this alliterative masterpiece: "While we understand there are unmet road-repair needs, it is going to take more than press releases, private leaks, preservation-group pandering, and predictions of peril from the Forest Service before we are convinced they are serious about this" More to the point, GOP legislators are threatening to slash the Forest Service's budget in retaliation for Dombeck's moratorium.
Both the ALA and the NRDC fired off letters to the paper, claiming that the vast majority of their EPA funding was not for suing the agency.
The Philippine government has 'fired off' a diplomatic protest over recent reports that hundreds of Chinese vessels were spotted circling Pag-asa Island in the South China Sea.
"I fired off a diplomatic protest yesterday (Wednesday, June 12).