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Stephenson (right) demonstrated his lamp by taking it down a colliery and holding it in front of a fissure from which firedamp was issuing
This means the installation, maintenance and repair of any electrical apparatus in firedamp areas can be carried out in a simple, safe but cost-effective manner.
Mehmet Torun of the Chamber of Mine Engineers, said three firedamp explosions in such a short period of time showed that safety measures were not sufficient.
But within 30 minutes, two explosions of firedamp ripped through the mine, the force of which swept along the drifts and workings, and up the shaft with "incredible power".
A total of 95 men and boys died in this major accident which was believed to have been caused by methane gas, also known as firedamp, coming into contact with a naked flame.
It was caused by a build up of firedamp (methane) gas being ignited.
2 -- Cooper Industries has introduced a range of explosion-proof connectors, which simplifies the commissioning and decommissioning of electrical equipment installed in hazardous firedamp environments, including underground mines.
Yildiz who briefed reporters on rescue efforts in the site of firedamp explosion Tuesday in Zonguldak said the debris had to be cleaned, before rescue teams could continue looking for trapped miners.
During the 18th century, miners worked by the light of a candle, a practice that became increasingly dangerous as mines grew deeper and exposed workers to explosive firedamp gas.
Firedamp (gas exctracted in deep coal mines) is composed of 2-3 vol.
Davy carried out investiga into the problem of gassy pits, worki samples of firedamp collected from burn Colliery in August 1815.