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Mehmet Torun of the Chamber of Mine Engineers, said three firedamp explosions in such a short period of time showed that safety measures were not sufficient.
The smell of firedamp, a mix of explosive gases found underground, was a sign that they may have `holed', breaking through to disused waterlogged workings of the Brockwell seam.
These children worked long shifts in darkness for pennies but their role was vital, preventing the build-up of combustible gas known as firedamp.
Three coal seams were worked at Gresford: The Dennis shaft produced softer industrial coal but was prone to firedamp.
The mesh enables sufficient air to pass through to support combustion (thus keeping the lamp lit) but the holes are too fine to allow a flame to propagate out and ignite any firedamp outside the mesh.
Methane gas - the deadly firedamp of the - impeded rescue operations.
Methane gas - the deadly firedamp of the mines - impeded rescue operations.
20am, a cutter struck pyrites, igniting firedamp and causing the massive explosion which brought down 120 yards of roof.
Firedamp explosion in Dursunbey revealed that those who added value to the country in hard works were not valued.