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The musket-men were drawn up in battle array, in a line extending on each side of his artillery, with orders to await the signal of firing from himself.
Stand by, my lads,” said Benjamin, who acted as an aid de-camp on this occasion, “stand by, my hearties, and when Squire Dickens heaves out the signal to begin firing, d’ye see, you may open upon them in a broadside.
Evidently they were firing at the hussars, but the balls with rapid rhythmic whistle flew over the heads of the horsemen and fell somewhere beyond them.
You spoke to me of inflammable material," said he, "but you said nothing about firing it.
The hussars had succeeded in setting it on fire and the French batteries were now firing at them, no longer to hinder them but because the guns were trained and there was someone to fire at.
Instantly the warriors ceased firing, for it was quite apparent that the vessel was entirely helpless, and, far from being in a position to inflict harm upon us, she could not even control herself sufficiently to escape.
Tissue movement or slippage during firing can result in poorly formed and spaced staples as well as the need for extra firings to complete the intended tissue transection.
Boost temperatures in increments during the second day to complete firings in less than two days.
When a picture is flashed in front of the eye, signals are sent from the eye to the brain in short, machine-gun bursts of nerve cell firings.