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Of course, this will never happen as far too many people, both elected and un-elected, have their snouts firmly wedged in the goodies in the EU trough, which never seems to run dry.
Seen some of the comments, stand firmly with the four judges.
Satyagraha thus means holding firmly to the truth or adherence to the truth.
Hold the slide firmly and push the pistol forward firmly.
The meeting stressed that thoroughly study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping important instructions written instructions, the central enterprises bigger, stronger, To enhance the vitality and efficiency as the center of deepening reform, firmly grasp the market-oriented reforms in this direction, firmly grasp the establishment of a modern this critical enterprise system, firmly grasp the initiative to mobilize the people of this core.
Firmly on the agenda is a debate about lessons that can be learned from the floods, including how to stop them happening again and protecting vulnerable areas.
He said that unlike Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), ANP firmly believed in practical development of the land and progress of the people.
1: The customer's gun hand firmly grasps frame, trigger finger straight and above the triggerguard, while support hand "saddles" the slide, thumb toward shooter.
Inspired by Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and famous derrieres the world over, squats have been firmly at the top of Merseysider's gym manoeuvres in 2014.
In such situations, it is best for a man to firmly stick to the principles and be persistent.
FORMER Tory cabinet minister Ken Clarke has questioned the strength of the recovery, claiming it is "not firmly enough rooted" in a balance between manufacturing and services.
Bulgariaas ruling Socialist Party has firmly opposed President Rosen Plevnelievas proposal for major changes to the countryas election legislation.