firmly fixed

See: ingrained
References in classic literature ?
If she could but get that conviction firmly fixed in her mind, what mattered about the rest?
Then I tried the window-bar, and found it firmly fixed.
He went up to him, took his hand (a thing he never used to do), and drew it downwards as if wishing to ascertain whether it was firmly fixed on.
Barbicane, having by a rapid movement firmly fixed his hat upon his head, calmly continued his harangue:
Carpenter standing before his vice-bench, and by the light of two lanterns busily filing the ivory joist for the leg, which joist is firmly fixed in the vice.
Medlock whispering to the nurse had given him the idea and he had thought over it in secret until it was quite firmly fixed in his mind.
In one of the rock walls--that at their left-- was hollowed a great cavern, in front of which was a row of thick iron bars, the tops and bottoms being firmly fixed in the solid rock.
She had one idea firmly fixed, however, which insured her security.
The more firmly fixed became the realization that the girl's friendship had meant so much to me, the more I came to miss it; and the more impregnable the barrier of silly pride.
As Tarzan leaped for the vines he realized that the lion was close upon him and that his life depended upon the strength of the creepers clinging to the city walls; but to his intense relief he found the stems as large around as a man's arm, and the tendrils which had fastened themselves to the wall so firmly fixed, that his weight upon the stem appeared to have no appreciable effect upon them.
The pole was firmly fixed in the mud, and he was left clinging to it while the punt drifted away.
Elzbieta had firmly fixed in her mind the last solemn warning of Jurgis: "If there is anything wrong, do not give him the money, but go out and get a lawyer.