firmly implanted

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Sometimes my wife and I joke that the time we were happiest as parents was when Elinor was still firmly implanted inside her mummy's tummy.
Roemer wrote with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.
Whether prompted by the love of virtue or abhorrence of vice, by outpourings of benevolence or stem imperatives of rectitude, we continually find ourselves impelled to extend our noses until they are firmly implanted in the business of others.
The Nuffield way of caring is embedded throughout the clinical settings within the two Cardiff hospitals, and the team wanted this culture to be firmly implanted into their infection practices with children.
Events of recent weeks - in Vienna, Brazil and El Salvador - point up anew how much upheaval John Paul is willing to risk in the local church to assure that his version of orthodoxy is firmly implanted in the hierarchy.
Mr Plaskitt (left) said: "The rights of citizens are now firmly implanted into our own laws.
Nevertheless, democracy seems firmly implanted in South Korea (with the possible occasional authoritarian tinge) and is acting as a positive force for reform.
With his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek, McGhee said: 'He felt I didn't have enough good players round about me.
CARSON - Chivas USA goalkeeper Brad Guzan lay on his stomach with his face firmly implanted in the Home Depot Center turf Saturday after Colorado's Jeff Cunningham scored a goal, beating him to the right side of the net.
Everton sit high in the table because Moyes' credo that the game lasts 90 minutes-plus -- not 45 minutes followed by a lie-in -- is now firmly implanted in the players' psyche.