firmly implanted

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While their initial releases may not be as firmly implanted in our hearts as the likes of Enola Gay, Souvenir and Sailing On the Seven Seas, it was indeed October 1978 when Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys stepped on to the stage at Eric's in Mathew Street to perform as Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark for the first time.
The world has changed around them and they have remained firmly implanted.
According to these individuals, increased pressure and kicks from the outside can bring about positive results in Iran, rather than, as expert analysis both inside and outside the national security bureaucracy explains, merely eliciting hostile responses from a firmly implanted Islamic Republic.
Citi ultimately acquired the properties on its own, and the subway connection made as a zoning bonus years later, but in the process of meeting with Citi's real estate executives and attorneys and representatives of the MTA and other public agencies, the real estate bug was firmly implanted.
It appears that this is the image firmly implanted in the minds of today's young Filipinos, who now make up the bulk of our voting population.
Accepting the reality of Islam is the easy part, walking the Straight Path is the hard part, especially once one had firmly implanted himself in a society of unbelievers.
Her North Walian indifference to rugby football, the spinster cocking her nose at the religion of the riff-raff probably also appealed to him, for the idea of a riff-raff was always firmly implanted in his mind, especially where education was concerned.
The Nuffield way of caring is embedded throughout the clinical settings within the two Cardiff hospitals and the team wanted this safety culture to be firmly implanted. Matron Melanie Webber-Maybank explained: "Our infection rates and safety incidents are extremely low due to the fact that our team delivers excellent high-quality care to patients, so that they feel nurtured and cared for at the highest level.
One area that currently remains firmly implanted within the traditional actors' remit is sports content.
They will long be remembered with their faces and friendships firmly implanted in my mind.
Ground examination of both aircraft revealed pieces of the cut off drogue coupling firmly implanted into the HC-130's tail, along with beer can size holes and the delaminating of all the helicopter's life lifting blades.
14, 2012), but it is clearly unwilling to have outsiders participate, even the other guerrilla group firmly implanted in the country, the Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional (ELN).