firmness of purpose

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Firmness of purpose, determination, willing to go against what was then the prevailing public opinion, because we knew what the right thing to do was.
He declared he would serve his readers loyally, speak out for and defend their rights, show courage, honesty and firmness of purpose and report factually and dependably.
The Kingston doctors, however, had not reckoned with the Davies' firmness of purpose.
Blunkett acted with admirable firmness of purpose, something alien to his predecessor Jack Straw, when he condemned Sussex Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse.
William Hague set out his policy on Europe, showing strength and determination at a time when such firmness of purpose needed courage.
The candidate said the true criteria by which candidates must be judged are the levels of transparency and firmness of purpose adopted throughout their campaigns.
Word History: From the Latin word vir, meaning "man," the Romans formed the word virtus to describe such so-called "manly" qualities as firmness of purpose and courage.
Obsession is a pathology, firmness of purpose a virtue