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The prominent discontinuity surface at the base of complex II and the shallower water indicators within this complex would be the result of the regression and/or lower global sea levels that prevailed during the subsequent firmus and riccartonensis zones.
Working in business-to-business, consumer, corporate and public affairs, dcp private sector clients include Tesco, the Tayto Group, who own Golden Wonder, Kelman (part of GE), firmus energy, Dekko and The National Trust.
NORTHERN Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with firmus energy and Fleet Financial, is inviting businesses to join in a Spring Networking Conference and Business Showcase next month.
25) Further evidence can sometimes be found in the survival of two different settings of the same text that clearly share the same cantus firmus, and internal structural and melodic clues can also sometimes help us identify a likely cantus firmus.
Discovery Puts Firmus and Monaco at the Centre of European Graphene Research
In addition I suggested Hepatica from Marco Pharma, which distributes Nestmann products from Germany, 30 drops 20 minutes before meals as a biliary stimulant and GB soother; and Pleo Rec, Bacillus firmus 6 x suppositories nightly, an isopathic remedy from Germany and Terra Medica Company that protects all mucous membranes and is a nonspecific immune booster and anti-inflammatory with no side effects.
Is there a cantus firmus that runs through all of this?
God wants us to love him eternally and with our whole hearts--not in such a way as to injure or weaken our earthly love, but to provide a kind of cantus firmus to which the other melodies of life provide the counterpoint .
Investigating the most famous musical tradition of the cantus firmus age--Masses based on the popular tune L'Homme arme [The Armed Man]--W.
Technically it would have been difficult indeed for even the informed listener to follow with the ear the long durational sequences inherent in the motet, although clearly heard by all, literally or figuratively trumpeted, would have been the four words of the cantus firmus, "terribilus est ipse locus," the central words of the famous vision of Jacob's Ladder in which angels are seen going up and down from Heaven (and perhaps evoking for some listeners this vision, even the "heavenly" space directly around them).
A strange little rising and falling modal scale serves almost as a cantus firmus here in this beautifully-crafted piece evoking a timeless serenity.